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Database creation can give even experienced users the willies. Let Pixel Witch take the scare out of this affair! We will work with you or your IT staff to design and implement databases in FileMaker Pro.

FileMaker Pro is a great program for those folks who find the hoodoo voodoo of DBs really intimidating. With a gentle slope of a learning curve, FileMaker Pro will have you up and running in no time at all. Interested in making your own databases? Check out our training services.

Pixel Witch has used FileMaker Pro to run it's business since the last millennia. From structure consultation to complete project implementation, Pixel Witch can conjure up databases to archive your arcane data.

Our business hours are
Monday through Friday 9am–5pm
Central Standard time.

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Pixel Witch strives to assist you in understanding as much or as little as you want about starting your own web site. We can conjure up everything from the smallest graphic to entire web sites for you in a flash!

Pixel Witch makes it happen like magic; without putting a hex on your wallet!

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